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Seminars and Workshops

B Free 2 Fly's intervention and prevention empowerment seminars will enlighten individuals and communities on topical issues. The attendees gain awareness, self-care tips, self-discovery, and parenting knowledge. Our seminars help to encourage, inspire healing,  promote healthy communication, and strengthen necessary life skills.

Our empowerment seminars feature talks and interactive sessions between participants and facilitators. By remaining a vital resource for information, B Free 2 Fly is helping to spread consciousness to marginalized groups and communities.

These seminars aim to lead participants through a process of self-discovery, emotional and mental recovery, and situational awareness.  Our goal is to pass on vital information relating to domestic violence, mental health, and personal wellness.

Conference Meeting

Seminar/Workshop Topics

Awareness (WS1) – Intervention & Prevention

  • You’ve been warned!

    •  Recognizing the White, Pink & Red Flags (Tips and Tools to Promote Awareness of Unhealthy Dating and Relationships)

  • It's not ok!

    • Teen Dating Awareness

  • Love HER, Right. 

    • Healthy Love Languages

Self-Care (WS2)

  • Love Thy Self. 

    • The Power of Self-Care and Self-Awareness

  • Joyful Journey. 

    • The Power of Journaling

  • Posture & Position. 

    • Affirm Your Purpose (Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Financial, Relational, Holistic, and Physical)

Discovery (WS3)

  • R.E.C.O.V.E.R.Y.

    • Rebuilding, Reclaiming and Restoring

  • Girl Interrupted

    • A Pathway to Peace

Parenting (WS4)

  • Parenting with Purpose.

    •  Raising Healthy Individuals

  • A Mother's Love. 

    • Special Needs

  • Generational healing. 

    • Parenting through Trauma

We would love to be a part of your faith-based events, conferences, corporate settings, community halls, schools, and small groups. Seminars are in-person or virtually. Contact us for more information on how to book an event or attend one of our seminars. 

Speaker  Topics

Girl Interrupted

  • Details coming soon!

Good Mourning Nude

  • Details coming soon!

Speaker/Facilitator Bookings

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